My Gallery is representative of my work. I have designed various types of settings using different stones and metals and enameled components, The earrings and bracelets represent my use of silver, copper, and enameled copper.

"Drift Wood and Pebbles"

Copper pendant

"Surf at Low Tide"

Sterling silver pendant

"Nor' Easter"

Copper components and beach stone necklace

"Waves at High Tide"

Copper and beach pebbles

"Wave Pool Treasures"

Copper, brass, and beach stone

"Winter Rain"

Sterling silver and beach stones

"Wind Chimes"

Argentium wire

"Circling the Sun"


"Summer Solstice"

Enameled copper

"Road Trip"

Copper and picture agate

"Earth from Space"

Sterling Silver and malachite and azurite

"Ladder Company"

Cast sterling silver


Sterling silver


Copper and beach stone cabochon

"Rescue, Repurpose, and Reuse"

Copper and sea glass

"Maybe Mabe"

Sterling silver and Mabe pearl

"Grand Canyon"

Sterling silver and Russian Azurite


Copper and beach stone cabochon

"Summer Rain"

Enamel on copper


Enamel on copper

"Ocean Depths"

Enamel on copper

"Blue Lagoon"

Enamel on copper, sterling silver, Malachite and Azurite

"Bay Treasures"

Enamel on copper and seaglass


Enamel on copper

Petrified Coral Worry Stone

Copper with soldered components and petrified coral worry stone in tab setting.