Then and Now, My Story

THEN, 2018


NOW, 2022


Many years ago in my home state of Houston, Texas, I spent a number of hours watching my Father in his lapidary shop. My interest was kindled for jewelry design and fabrication. I never gave up my dream to create wearable art even though I entered a different career path. Over the years, to satisfy my creativity, I took classes in painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Several years ago, my passion was rekindled. My journey into jewelry design and fabrication began during my many walks on Delaware's Broadkill Beach at low tide. The stones on this bay beach contained beautiful earth toned colors and designs that are more apparent after being polished. The discovery of these ancient and astonishing stones was my spark to create settings to compliment these unique stones.

To achieve my goal, I have developed skills in silversmithing, lapidary, and enameling. I have taken classes, read books, watched DVDs and YouTube videos.

The stones I use are my inspiration for designing the settings. In addition to the beach stones, I have used purchased stones that have unique qualities and color. My metals of choice are copper and sterling silver.

Utilizing the techniques and skills I have learned, my vision is to continue my journey to explore new designs to further enhance the unique aspects of the stones. I will continue my life long journey into creating wearable art.